Prime Group



Over the years, the Prime Group has surged through continuous expansion, Diversification & Transformation of its initial venture into a varied field of Hi-tech Instrumentation for Testing, Measuring and Condition Monitoring, Capital Goods, Precision Engineering, Geo-technology, Information Technology, Power Generation, Lease-Finance, Imports, and Exports.

Today, the Group’s area of activities includes Imports, Manufacturing Assembling, and Marketing of a wide range of High-Tech Equipment, Instruments, and systems relating to power and other core sectors of the economy, capital goods relating to PCB assembly and Testing, Power Conditioning Systems, Optical Inspection and Measurement Systems, CNC Machine tools, Geo-technology Equipment’s, Precision Engineering and Software Development.


The Group’s Intensely Motivated, Highly Qualified, and Trained Manpower of more than 2500 Professionals in its Completely Automated Offices and Marketing Network spread all over the country. The Group Having its offices in 36 locations spread across 17 major cities in the country and is also a 100% subsidiary of PCI Asia Pacific (p) Ltd. with its Headquartered in Hong Kong, PCI Middle East FZE with its Headquartered in Hamriyah Free Zone, Sharjah, UAE and PCI Europe GmbH, with its Headquartered in Berlin, Germany offers the Best in Service and Quality.

“Think Global Act Local”, as a Guiding Principle, has governed the Group’s Business Philosophy, Approach, and Strategies. The Group has entered into Technical and Marketing collaborations with the World’s Leading Corporations to imbibe the latest Innovations and Technologies. The Group’s Highly Developed Infrastructure serves as an Efficient springboard in the Dissemination of the latest Envelopments in areas of High Technology throughout India and in the Neighboring Countries, giving the Group a Cutting Edge.

“Think Global Act Local”, as a guiding principle, has governed the Group’s business philosophy, approach, and strategies. The Group has entered into technical and marketing collaborations with the world’s leading corporations to imbibe the latest innovations and technologies. The Group’s highly developed infrastructure serves as an efficient springboard in the dissemination of the latest envelopments in areas of high technology throughout India and in the neighboring countries, giving the Group a cutting edge.