Tipper Trucks

Refurbished tipper trucks are vehicles that have undergone a thorough inspection, maintenance, and repair process to restore them to a good working condition. These trucks are typically used in construction, mining, and transportation industries for carrying and unloading loose materials such as sand, gravel, and demolition debris.



Product Specifications
Condition Refurbished
Max Power 90 HP
Max Speed 80 KM PH
Truck Type Tipper
Gross Vehicle Weight 28000Kg


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Buy The Best Refurbished Tipper Truck from PRL Equipment

Tipper Trucks are critical for transporting construction materials and thus play a crucial role in all construction projects. A refurbished tipper sale is the best place to get the same as you can save on costs and also reduce the carbon footprint of your projects.

Considerations While Buying Truck Tipper for Sale

The following are some of the chief considerations while buying a second hand tipper trucks for sale:

  • Speed - Since the tipper trucks are meant for transportation, it is only sensible to consider the speed of second hand dumper trucks for sale.
  • Power - Since tipper trucks have to carry heavy loads and often on difficult terrain, it is sensible to consider the horsepower of a truck tipper for salebefore buying the same.
  • Weight - The gross vehicle weight of a used tipper truck for saleis another crucial consideration.
  • State - You can either go for a new or refurbished tipper sale. We recommend going for refurbished tipper trucks as they offer all the advantages of new equipment for lesser costs and with a reduced carbon footprint. However, to get the best of these advantages, you must ensure that the refurbishment of the second hand dumper trucks for salemust be done by a good service provider. That is where PRL comes in. Allow us to tell you about the advantages of partnering with PRL.

Perks of Buying Second Hand Dumper Trucks for Sale with PRL 

PRL Construction and mining equipment is the leading supplier of used tipper truck for sale in India. An undertaking of Prime Group, we have already assisted in countless projects.

  • Refurbished by the best - At PRL Construction Equipment, the work of refurbishment for our second hand tipper trucks for saleis done by the best and most well-trained professionals in the industry.
  • A supplier you can trust - Another reason to go with our tipper sale is that our equipment comes from a supplier that you can trust.
  • Buy tipper sales online - One of the biggest reasons for going with PRL Equipment is that you can easily buy tipper sales online through our website. When you buy tipper sales online, it makes the whole process hassle-free, and you can expect timely delivery from us.
  • Committed to Quality - Committed to quality, we enjoy ISO certification and show the same commitment in all our projects. We have already earned a great deal of trust with our construction and mining clients by providing them with the highest quality products, whether it is truck tipper for saleor any other equipment.
  • Other products - We refurbish a number of heavy-duty construction machinery, including backhoe excavators, tipper trucks, excavators, dump trucks, and much more. Cost and time savings - All our second hand tipper trucks for sale shall be provided at budget-friendly and cost-effective rates. Further, our delivery of tipper trucks and other equipment shall be prompt and timely.

All these perks make PRL Equipment the preferred choice of all India’s leading construction projects. So, request a call from us if you are looking for a used tipper truck for sale.