A refurbished excavator is a heavy construction machine used for digging and earthmoving tasks. It consists of a boom, stick, and bucket that are controlled by hydraulic systems. A refurbished excavator has been previously used and has undergone refurbishment to restore its functionality and performance.

Here are some common descriptions and specifications you might find for a refurbished excavator:

Size Classes: Excavators are available in different size classes, categorized by their operating weight. Common classes include mini excavators (under 6 metric tons), compact excavators (6-10 metric tons), and standard excavators (10-45+ metric tons).

Operating Weight: The operating weight of an excavator depends on its size class. For example, a mini excavator may weigh around 1 to 6 metric tons, while a standard excavator can range from 10 to 45+ metric tons or more.

Engine Power: Excavators are typically powered by diesel engines. The engine power varies depending on the size of the excavator, ranging from around 15 to 300+ horsepower (HP) or more.

Digging Depth: The digging depth indicates how deep the excavator can reach. It varies depending on the model and can range from 6 to 60+ feet or more.

Reach: The reach of an excavator refers to its horizontal extension capacity. It determines how far the excavator’s boom can reach while maintaining stability. The reach can vary from 10 to 80+ feet or more.

Bucket Capacity: Excavators have different bucket sizes to accommodate various tasks. The bucket capacity typically ranges from 0.1 to 2+ cubic yards or more, depending on the model.

Operating Controls: Excavators are operated using hydraulic controls, allowing precise movement of the boom, stick, and bucket. Some excavators may have additional features like joystick controls for increased operator comfort and control.

Track or Wheel Configuration: Excavators are available in both tracked and wheeled configurations. Tracked excavators provide better traction and stability on uneven terrain, while wheeled excavators offer enhanced mobility on flat surfaces.

Additional Features: Excavators may come with additional features such as hydraulic quick couplers for easy attachment changes, auxiliary hydraulic circuits for operating various attachments, and advanced technology systems for improved efficiency and productivity.


Product Specifications
Max Bucket Capacity0.65 – 0.72 m3 
Engine Power105HP/2200rpm
Max Digging Depth5500 mm
Operating Weight19800 – 20000 Kg


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